The Swedish Baptist General Conference of America

International Relations (June 1941)

Whereas, we are saddened by the plight of the warring and captive nations and the suffering of innocent peoples, therefore, be it resolved, that we disapprove of totalitarianism, and express our sincere appreciation of the democratic peoples and our sympathy with them in their struggle against tyranny, and whereas we as Christians believe that the spiritual forces resident in almighty God have outlasted and will continue to outlast the rise and fall of empires, therefore be it

Resolved, that we renounce war as a means of settling international difficulties, and Resolved, that we express to our President of these United States our appreciation of his repeated efforts to keep this nation out of armed participation in foreign wars, while giving great aid to the democracies, and be it further

Resolved, that we urge our people to maintain, with the help of God, the spirit of forgiveness toward all enemies, so that when war shall cease our nation may be assisted to deal constructively with the issues of peace. Be it further

Resolved, that we urge our people to seek the guidance of God for themselves and for the nation in these days of crisis, that no propaganda may sway us from the path of sobriety, truth, and righteousness.


Annual of the Swedish Baptist Churches of America for 1941-1942, Part I, Committee on Resolutions Report – “International Relations,” pp. 124-125.